Cast Announcement | Strictly Ballroom The Musical

CLOC Musical Theatre is excited to announce their cast of Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical to be staged at St Kilda’s historic The National Theatre Melbourne in May 2018.

Scott Hastings | Dylan Henry
Fran | Kristen Mihalos

Shirley Hastings | Elizabeth Garnsworthy
Doug Hastings | Robert Harsley
Barry Fife | Lee Threadgold
Les Kendall | Phil Lambert
Abuela | Elizabeth Matjacic
JJ Silvers | Ashley Weidner
Tina Sparkle | Melanie Ott
Ken Railings | David Torr
Wayne Burns | Tom O’Reilly
Liz Holt | Lauren Edwards
Kylie & Luke | Ruby Moore & Lachlan Young (GLITTER TEAM)
Kylie & Luke | Charlotte Barnard & Isaac Pearson (SEQUINS TEAM)

Joel Anderson,Daniel Baker,Mitchell Chapman, Nathan Fernandez, Michelle Hunt (Pam Short), Louisa Mitchell, India Morris, Nicola Morrison, Tiffany Pickthall, Shaun Pirovano (Nathan), Claire Robinson, Matthew Tomlin, Tailem Tynan (Vanessa)

Jessica Carson, Latecha Khairy (Natalie), Jay Miller, Chris Rogers (Clarry), Tim Ryan (Rico), Alannah Woods

Rehearsals start at the end of January with exclusive Pre-Sale tickets (for registered patrons only) available from mid-February 2018 and General Public tickets soon after. Check out the following links for show and ticket information and how to register or make sure you are registered for the pre-sale.

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